Exploring your sexuality is normal, healthy, and deeply personal.

Sexual health is a part of living a real life. Giving priority to this can significantly improve a person’s emotional, physical, and mental health as well as their intimate relationships.

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About Us

Medicine is a family tradition for us, and the family legacy continues

Allopathic physicians along with AYUSH physicians are practicing jointly in our clinic. Our doctors are specialized in reproductive and male-female sexual dysfunction issues.

Our Services

Modern and traditional medicine for personal health problems in one place

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Difficulty in obtaining or maintaining erections, reaching orgasm quickly, slowly or not at all, low interest in sex, low testosterone levels, blood vessel disorders, and concern about sexual performance.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Many women have sex problems at some time in their lives. Such as low sex drive, hormonal disorders such as an inactive or an overactive thyroid gland, orgasmic problems, and pain during sex.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counseling is a type of talk therapy designed to help unmarried individuals and married couples deal with medical, psychological, personal, or other factors that affect sexual satisfaction.

You may have a direct or online consultation.

You can come to our clinic and consult our doctor after taking a period appointment. If you want to consult online through audio or video chat. Real-time video conferencing improves interaction and communication between the patient and the provider, as well as making the healthcare facility safer and more reliable.

Why Choose Us

Choose the Right Doctor For You

Consult the right type of specialist doctors

A doctor who focuses on a particular issue can stand in the way of proving an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment. Our team of doctors mainly focus on intimate sexual issues.


Our Happy Patients

I am very happy to get treated by doctor Khokar. I was facing some female-related weaknesses and I thought it was a big deal and my life is over. But the doctor did not scare me at all.

He genuinely cares about the patient's being. He thoroughly counseled me and after taking the medicine I was fine within a few days.
Reshma Shaheen
I was leading a normal healthy married life but for the past few years, I am noticing a bit weak in my performance. I thought since I am aging it is common. But it started affecting me mentally and I was very frustrated finally decided to get myself checked. Visited the Men’s Health Clinic and got myself treated with very good medicine. I am happy with Dr Khokar
Bhushan Kumar
I am 34yrs old. everything was fine with me until a few years ago I started facing Ed and PE. Then I visited Dr. Khokar. very good and experienced sexologist in Bangalore. Very positive vibes don’t scare u and I got to know it’s a common problem among men due to stress or certain lifestyles. After taking his treatment I got very good results. A very good decision to visit Men’s Health Clinic.
Arun Kumar

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