Symptoms Of Pregnancy


There are many pregnancy symptoms and signs which may indicate that your pregnant but The symptoms of early pregnancy differ from one case to other,

*missed menstrual period
*frequent urination
*tender sore breasts
*heartburn or indigestion
*spotting or light bleeding
*feeling faint or light headed
*nausea or upset stomach
*excessively tired or fatigued

If u find any symptoms mentioned above, Take home Pregnancy test.

How does Home Pregnancy works?

if you think you are pregnant you may want to do a test at home before going to see your GP. Pregnancy tests work by detecting (human chorionic gonadotrophin), found only in pregnant women. It is produced by cells in the uterus and is responsible for signaling the ovaries to produce estrogen and progesterone to help your fetus grow. HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta in early pregnancy and is only found in the blood or urine of pregnant women.

How to use home pregnancy test kit?

Test with the first early morning urine which will have the highest concentration of the HCG hormone in urine.  It is generally recommended to do the pregnancy test on the first day of the missing period, The test can indicate whether a woman is pregnant. First, read the directions carefully, because the instructions will vary with different brands. Some require you to pass urine in a sterile container and then, using a dropper, place a small sample into a testing well. Others let you pee directly onto a stick. But, fundamentally, all pregnancy tests work the same way

How accurate is home pregnancy test?

If you follow directions as mentioned, home pregnancy tests are 97% accurate.

Where can I buy 1?

The test kit can be obtained from a local pharmacy without a prescription.



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