Low libido in woman (low sex desire in woman)


What Is Low libido in woman?

Low libido is the most common sexual
health issue in women, over 40 percent
of women complain about the of lack of sex drive
Due to emotional, psychological, and physiological factors
seem to influence sexual dysfunction in women

Causes of low sex desire in woman

• Medication
• Stress
• Alcohol
• Hormone changes
• Prior physical or sexual abuse
• Depression and anxiety
• Menopause
• Lack Of privacy
• Poor body image Relationship Issues
• Diminished capacity for vaginal lubrication
• Painful intercourse (Dyspareunia ).
• Difficulty achieving orgasm

Medication : Decreased libido may be the result of
medical factors such as certain Antidepressants,
Blood pressure lowering drugs chemotherapy
drugs and oral contraceptives Etc.

Stress : Stress is a big one such as
job stress, poor body image and history
of sexual abuse,

Alcohol and Drugs : too much of alcohol,
Drugs nicotine can reduce your sex desire

Dyspareunia : pain in the pelvic area during or
after sexual intercourse.

Relationship Issues : Lack of communications between
partner, unsolved conflicts etc.



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